A simple and streamlined 7-step process, which will leave you clear, certain and confident in what you are doing and where you are going;

The Discovery; we find each other, and see the potential benefits in working together.
The 2-hour no fee / no commitment meeting; to create your personal Business Life Plan. Away from distractions in the peace and quiet of my office, dedicated to this purpose in a stunning setting on Torquay harbour. By phone or face to face.
You choose whether to use me as your accountability structure to start making this plan happen. The fee is £225pm for 3 months, and includes the plan creation, weekly 30 minute coaching sessions, a one hour completion and acknowledgement meeting after 3 months, plus an optional Business Masterclass Seminar evening to network and discuss issues and successes with other business owners.

Start fulfilling on one key area in your plan;

PROFIT – a focus on your finances

PEOPLE – the development of myself and / or the team

PROCESSES – clarity on how we do business here

PRODUCT – developing the one thing we do best, to a world class standard

PREMISES – giving myself permission to focus on developing these, or moving

PROFILE – driving new business, reviewing my brand, and marketing this

PLANNING – developing a long term plan, or strategy for myself and my business

PERSONAL – Help! Focus on me first, creating the foundation for everything else

We agree a weekly 30-minute slot - the opportunity, and discipline, to step back and work on your business for 30 minutes every week, and give yourself a clear and empowering achievement for the next week. By phone, on-line, or face to face - you choose.
To review and acknowledge the fulfilment of the plan, and other accomplishments, over the past 3 months. And to receive a ‘feel good’ certificate of acknowledgment to display your achievement.
A declaration for the next phase for your business given the achievements and experience of the previous 3 months. And then choose whether to use my support again for the next step.
An optional event for 2 hours one evening at the end of the 3 month period. An opportunity to share experiences and get inspiration from other like-minded small business owners.

What this process does for you;

  • You feel clear and confident about what you’re doing, and where you’re going
  • You are clear on your ‘Why’ – what’s most important to you and your key values
  • You have a long term vision, or destination – where you are headed
  • And you create clear stepping stones, week by week, month by month
  • You receive a certificate to acknowledge each 3 month phase of your business journey
  • This clarity makes you feel more confident, certain and decisive, and therefore more fluent in your communication to others about what you’re doing and where you’re headed
  • You discover and put in place the practices that best suit your business
  • Creating a manual for ‘how we do business here’ – and so getting yourself clear on your processes
  • Have the most suitable financial controls and dashboard that will best serve your business
  • Be clear on one thing you do really well, and your clearly defined your target market
  • How to have positive employees on board
  • You will distinguish and allocate key roles in your business
  • And be clear on the best people structure for the business
  • You organise yourself and feel positive about the balance between your business and personal time
  • You will have a structure once a week to stand back from being in the business to working on it
  • You deal with things that are important with velocity, rather than letting them drift
  • Choosing to focus on just one priority at a time
  • And distinguish what to say no to, as well as yes (crucial in keeping you focused)
  • You take control of your time, and create your week – rather than have others dictate what you do, where and when
  • Then you switch off in the evenings, at weekends and on holidays
  • And so improve on the quality of family time
  • And sleep better
  • Have someone outside the business, but with you on your journey
  • Freeing yourself from the planning and strategy of the business, for creativity and other things you enjoy
  • And having a sounding board to progress your thoughts and ideas
  • Someone you are ‘reporting to once a week
  • Getting introductions to a network of specialists when you need them
  • And joining other successful business owners who love having a coach

Let's take Action

The sooner you take action, the sooner you start to receive and appreciate the potential benefits…

Like compound interest – investing in yourself and your business now, and seeing increasing and accumulating benefits in the future