Yeoman(SW)Ltd – A passion for designing and installing high-efficiency central heating systems.

The principle of creating Larger Concerns –

Why it’s important to keep in mind a bigger picture

We’re sat in a converted Mercedes van.

Reviewing the accomplishments of a heating engineering business, Yeoman(SW)Ltd, over the last 3 months.

The ‘business plan’ for motivation over this period was to build an Adventure Wagon.

Back when we were in the middle of significant uncertainty and restrictions during the Covid pandemic, Gavin and Shaun Yeoman were scratching their heads looking for something motivating beyond surviving ‘business as usual’ for another 3 months.

After considering this for a week, they chose to jump into an inspiring venture. Something outside of the business, to go beyond the concerns of the pandemic impact, dark winter days, and financial concerns.

Everything in life is created twice – once in thought, and once in reality.

Taking time to think, they visualised a converted van that they could use for ‘staycation’ trips in the following summer. And in that structured thinking time, project Adventure Wagon was created.

They acquired a used Mercedes van and started working on this in their spare time. It went backwards initially with some repair work, and then with the same meticulous care they take to replace a boiler, they started to convert the vehicle.

What this did was not just acquire a mobile camper van – quite useful as Devon and Cornwall filled up with people holidaying at home.
But it also created an incentive to ensure they were taking on profitable business only – that could be condensed into a shorter week.

The motivation was, the more efficient and profitable they were during the week, the earlier they could get back to working on project Adventure Wagon.

Motivation is created by a Larger Concern, or zooming out for a bigger inspiring picture, so that smaller concerns or worries (like finding work, managing cashflow, and dealing with everything that Covid brought) tend to disappear – or at least are put into perspective.

2022 – what could you create as a Larger Concern, a bigger game, or purpose, to overcome day-to-day challenges?
Something inspiring, a motivation you can keep coming back to..?

Client: Yeoman SW

Target: Adventure Wagon.