Streamlining how we do business

With great processes, not only are routine tasks done consistently.

They also minimise costs – on supplies, or time taken.

Great processes maximise income – ensuring consistent pricing, and nothing slipping through gaps.

Helping to avoid costly mistakes.

Go outside the way we do business here by exception, and on purpose, when we want to for a good reason.

Another way of saying this…

“Systematise the regular, humanise the irregular”

And the business becomes High Tech / High Touch.

Chris Holgate, owner of Which? award-winning business Refresh Cartridges is focused on improved stock control, till management and quality control systems that he says will ‘further legitimise the business’.

The outcome will be that regular jobs become more efficient.

The time freed up for Chris and his staff to spend on non-routine tasks – anything requiring a more personal touch.

Another example – take this article.

My system, for a task which could easily be time-consuming, or put off…

  1. Listen for an interesting potential case study once a month
  2. Have a diary reminder to send out the article by the end of the month
  3. Refer to a checklist on the best way to write articles
  4. Create the draft in less than an hour
  5. Confirm the draft with the client
  6. Get the picture
  7. Tweak and send out before the month-end

Something which could (and used to) take several hours.

systematised process freeing up time and money for…(business development, the family – fill in your blanks).

Is now the time to standardise, or automate something in your business to become more ‘High Tech / High Touch’?

Streamlining the way you do business, to reap the future dividends.

Client: Refresh Cartridges

Target: To have great processes

Date: June 2019

“Systematise the regular, humanise the irregular”
Streamlining the way you do business, to reap the future dividends.