A sense of purpose, that creates persistence. Knowing when to just not give up.

In the last couple of months, if you are in the area, you may have seen the first two excellent editions of Quay Magazine, sharing inspirational business stories from around Torbay.

What was at the source of the successful launch of this new magazine?

A team of people over several weeks developing the idea, creating the content and design, and planning the launch?


Quay Magazine was a vision of Eleanor Stafford’s 5 years ago, and the journey to today involved several aborted partnerships, ups and downs and false starts.

Eventually Eleanor chose to go ahead alone, outsourcing tasks by enrolling other people in her inspiration.

What kept her going in the face of setbacks, and no agreement?

Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich, over 80 years ago asserted;

‘If one does not possess persistence, one does not receive noteworthy success in any calling’.

So what drives that persistence?

It’s not necessarily about hard work, a battle, or flogging a dead horse.

But certainty, in continually taking action, driven by what’s important to you, and knowing where you are going with it.

Eleanor’s primary drive is Inspiration – and combining this with a clear vision manifests in the persistence required to succeed.

Like as a single mum, persisting with travelling to college via unreliable public transport, and so filling the house with students to pay for driving lessons and learning to drive over 6 months

Like going to a Spar shop persistently every week for 5-6 weeks to keep asking for, and eventually getting, some part time work to top up benefits

And like persisting with the publication of Quay Magazine despite the ups and downs and false starts over 2 years.
Put simply; the level of desire + clarity of direction = the level of result
It creates the context for being unstoppable.

How clear are you about what drives you, and where you are headed?

Client: Torquay Carpets

Target: To have great processes

Date: June 2019

the level of desire + clarity of direction = the level of result