Multi-tasking – the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time!

Being focused, versus Attention Splatter

Robert Haylor, Boost Digital Media, builds web sites that work and shows you how.

That’s it.

He has a clear focus to rivet his attention and communicate what his business does – especially important in the creative industry where there are lots of ideas and potential shiny distractions to divert the energy.

6 months ago Robert’s web of activities included;

A new product search engine that I had been working on since 2009
A website that combined activities and hoteliers together
Smartphone acquisitions
Mobile apps
Eco products
…and more!

He did ‘a Marie Kondo’ – a 2019 clear out of anything that didn’t ‘spark joy’, or keep him focused on core business.

He did this by defining what successful business life looks like for him, and that was aligned with his personal values – self-discipline and authenticity.

Based on those core values he created a clear visualisation of where he’s ultimately headed;

The number of people in the business
The ideal premises
The target market
Slick in-house processes and products
…alongside the desired personal goals
Now, any new ideas must pass the test for being a stepping stone toward that vision.

And those stepping stones, in the context of the bigger plan, create the focus on one thing at a time.

Robert says, “You kind of have two options in business, the shotgun approach, or become rifle sighted. I believe I am achieving a more rifle sighted business and way of life with Dave’s help and support”.

He now limits his creative thinking time for his early morning runs!

Client: Boost Digital Media

Target: To be focussed

Date:  October 2019