Give your business a single-minded focus…

and see the benefits across all areas!

Tyrone Smith is transforming every area of his business with a single priority.

Torquay Carpets and Flooring was set up 3 years ago, and is being shaped and grown by Tyrone’s focus on one thing…

“Consistently creating a pleasant experience“.

‘I have tunnel vision’ he says, ‘this comes first, everything else second’.

This single-minded focus on one thing is a successful business strategy proposed by Charles Duhigg in The Power of Habit.

In 1987 Paul O’Neill took over the then-struggling business Aluminium Company of America (ALCOA).

The market and investors were concerned at his focus on just one priority: ‘Safety’ – in a company processing hot metal.

But what this did was turn the business around – having everyone in the company aligned on this priority over-spilt to benefit other areas.

It caused improved production techniques and productivity.

Reporting lines from the factory floor to boardroom were streamlined, increasing communication and employee engagement.

Reliability was improved, and costly accidents reduced.

Select an area of focus, and see the benefits over-spill to other business areas;

  • People
  • Premises
  • Processes
  • Profile
  • Personal
  • Profit
  • Planning

For Torquay Carpets and Flooring, Tyrone’s single-minded focus is on; Processes, which ‘consistently create a pleasant experience’.

  • Every job is intended to result in a 5 Star Review.
  • By default, this improves levels of customer service.
  • Product knowledge is increased, and expectations from suppliers are high.
  • And the fitters he uses are also expected to be 5 Star standard.
  • …and the impact – turnover and profits also just happen to be rising.

Choose one area that’s your priority – then create the disciplines to follow through, whatever the challenges.

And if you would like help with this, get in touch for a no-commitment / no fee, 2-hour “Clear Plan” meeting.

Client: Torquay Carpets

Target: To have great processes

Date: June 2019

“Consistently creating a pleasant experience“.
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